Wenzel Meinl celebrates bicentennial Wenzel Meinl jubilee weekend

In 1810 Johann Langhammer founded a wind instrument production at Graslitz on the Sudeten territory. In 1946, his successors had to experience dispossession and expulsion from Czech Republic. Then the merchant Wenzel Meinl, who had married into the family, started anew in a farmer's barn at Königsdorf/Upper Bavaria. With his allowed 50 kg luggage he was allocated to this barn. Especially after his son Anton, the congenial wind instrument builder, after his escape from Siberian war captivity and stay in Hungary and Austria finally had found his parents he built up the firm anew under his name. In the close by Geretsried they had bought two bunkers of an ammunition plant.

From this nucleus of the family enterprise via several stations of TA and JA-music up to today's B&S group Markneukirchen, his son Gerhard A. Meinl developed towards an international manufacturer with locations in Germany and Sales settlements at France, USA and China. Thus, on Saturday July 17th, 2010, on the occasion of bicentennial Wenzel Meinl, he invited to Geretsried.

There came not only the local VIPs, as delegates, the district administrator, the mayoress, city councilmen and the retired prime minister, Dr. Edmund Stoiber, but also representatives of the musical world, as e.g. soloists of the Vienna and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, of the Budapest  Festival orchestra as well as the president of the German Music Council, Professor Martin Maria Krueger, the vice president of the Bavarian Music council Wilhelm Lehr, the vice president of the European Music Council and of the German Cultural Council, Christian Hoeppner, the head of the International Frankfurt Music Fair, Cordelia von Gymnich. This way the respect for the trade mark Melton of the Wenzel Meinl GmbH was expressed. At the same time the merits of the associate and executive director Gerhard A. Meinl were appreciated, who is First Head of the Federal Association of the German musical instrument producers as well as 2nd mayor of his home community Geretsried and who shows worldwide engagement in his job.

The assembly was addressed by the Member of the European Parliament, Dr. Bernd Posselt, Speaker of the Sudeten Germans, who talked about the history of the producing firms in the Sudeten territories since 1810.  Generation after generation had to meet new challenges and so to speak had to start from anew.
The Melton tuba quartet, the musicians of which are orchestra tuba players from Germany, and a quintet of the "Egerlaender Musikanten - The Original of Ernst Hutter", made up the musical frame. Wenzel Meinl had worked together pleasantly and productively with his predecessor Ernst Mosch.

Wenzel Meinl GmbH not only invited the employees at the location Geretsried but also the companies’ specialized shop partners in Germany and Austria. Just some short time before the fair the sale of the products has been taken over by the firm itself. Despite of this a very close and long-term cooperation was given, as numerous specialist retailers were apprentices at the Wenzel Meinl GmbH to learn the handicraft of making metal  wind instruments or to become master there.

One day after the ceremonial act with far more than 250 persons an Isar raft ride had been planned. Unfortunately it became not possible as the thunderstorms of the last days had caused flood. Every time flexible and ready to start over, everybody went for a trip by boat to lake Tegernsee. They were accompanied by the Zugspitz trio - naturally the played tuba was a Melton Fafner B-tuba – afterwards the day ended in the little beer tavern Braustüberl of monastery Reutberg.

On Monday the musical instrument manufacture of Wenzel Meinl was visited at Geretsried. In great parts this exhibition is still to be found in the original bunker of WWII. The manufacturing is continued with the tradition of trade and the corresponding high quality demands. This way the challenge of heritage and duty of 200 years is met.

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