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The Melton Meinl Weston Heritage

Meinl-Weston Tubas have been the benchmark of German craftsmanship for decades.

For 7 generations, the Meinl-Langhammer family devoted their work to gain the best manufacturing experience, meticulous workmanship, continuous research and development as well as personal dedication to quality.

Anton Meinl is the name representing technical leadership and flawless mechanical quality.

He is the father of all basic designs at the company of Wenzel Meinl that result in the specific rich and projecting sound with the genuine Meinl-Weston core, a certain balance of openess and resistance to reach the uncomparable ease of performance based on the efficiency of playing and control of sound and intonation.

This offer of a wide range of models is so that all individual expectations of these musicians are always met and have even been exceeded by Meinl-Weston Tubas and Euphoniums.

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