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3225 Ursus

The orchestral CC tuba 3225 “Ursus” was developed together with New York Philharmonic orchestra tubist Alan Baer especially for flexibly handling a repertoire that is requiring a more compact instrument than the 6/4 size CC tuba 6450 “Baer”.

This is more than half of a Baer – the new smaller Meinl Weston CC tuba for the orchestra with the model number MW3225 is called «Ursus» and is a 4/4 size version of the MW6450.

Technical specifications

  • SIZE: 4/4
  • VALVES: 4 piston steel valves (big valve/front action)
  • VALVES: 4th valve: 20mm / 0.787"
  • VALVES: 5th rotary valve (21,5mm / 0.846") on the wide side of the tuning slide, thumb operated
  • BORE: 19mm / 0.748"
  • BELL: 45cm / 17.7"
  • HEIGHT: 91cm / 35.8"
  • FINISH: yellow brass or silver-plated
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