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5450 Thor

The Meinl Weston 5450 “Thor” has been has been inspired by Meinl Weston Performing Artist Jens Bjorn Larsen. The Meinl Weston 5450 “Thor” has become a favorite amongst many tubists. Is a real all-round instrument with alot of “hammer” to the sound- this newly designed model features a great resonance, a solid low register and a huge sound.

Technical specifications

  • Key : CC
  • Model : Thor
  • Bore : .748" - .807" / 19 - 20,5mm (5th valve: right hand thumb operated)
  • Bell : 18.9" / 48cm
  • Size : 5/4
  • Height : 38.8" / 91cm
  • Valve : 4 piston steel (big valve, front action)
  • Features : Yellow brass, incl. gig bag and accessories
  • Finish : Clear lacquer finish or silver plated finish
  • Options :
  • MW5450-1-0GB : Clear lacquer finish
  • MW5450-2-0GB : Silver plated finish
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